Marriage and Health Insurance: What to Inform Newly Married Employees

One of the employees just got married! Apart from offering congratulations to the happy couple, now you can consider how marriage and health insurance go together — what happens with your company’s insurance plan whenever someone gets hitched. Here’s what you need to tell your newly married worker:

Marriage is an Qualifying Event

Normally you can only change your wellbeing insurance within an open registration period, but a brand new marriage can be a qualifying life event (such as losing a divorce, amongst others) which lets you create adjustments in 60 days of this function. So make sure your employee knows that if she wants to make modifications, currently is your moment.

Adding a New Spouse will Impact Deductions

If your company plan allows for it, then your worker may add her new spouse, no problem. Even when this marriage brings stepchildren into the mix, they may be added too. Nevertheless, this will alter the number of deductions on her paycheck, so be sure to go over all of it carefully. It may be financially difficult to go from one person on a single strategy to your family program with several folks.

Donating for a mommy’s Plan could be Tricky

What if your worker wants to lose her policy for her new spouse’s insurance? Whether she can do this depends on a couple of important things. One is the company’s policy. Another issue is your spouse’s plan. Many businesses don’t cover partners who have access to other programs, or only cover them as a secondary insurer. This means if a worker drops her policy, she might be discovered. Nobody wants it to occur, so be sure everything is finalized together with her brand new insurance prior to dropping the worker from your strategy.

It Is Important to Consider Other Benefits

You may offer advantages like dental and vision insurance. Make sure it’s apparent to the worker whether partners can be added to all these choices also.

It’s simple to find health insurance fixed up when someone gets married, but there’s a limited time to do so — and also a great deal of info to be accumulated. For instance, the worker might want to supply a marriage license and social security number. It may take time to get everything together, so make sure your employees know that when they get married and need to change their insurance, they have to get on it as soon as their honeymoon finishes. It might not be intimate, but marriage and health insurance is also an important marriage.

Suzanne Lucas spent 10 years in corporate human resources, where she interviewed and hired employees, managed the numbers, and double-checked with the attorneys. Her writings have appeared in Inc.. Magazine, CBS MoneyWatch, US News, Readers Digest and other publications. She concentrates on helping businesses nurture great employees and helping employees appreciate terrific careers.