Wedding Bouquets: Tips For Choosing The Perfect Bridal Bouquet For You

Your bridal bouquet is the absolute centerpiece of your entire wedding. This important accessory accompanies your wedding gown and will be seen in all your wedding photos. Therefore, you will want to have the perfect design that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

So how do you go about creating the perfect bridal bouquet for you? After all, florists don’t really know you or what your preferences are. That is why it is very important to be able to clearly explain and know what you are looking for. Also, the more knowledge you have about flower pairings and varieties, the more you will be able to customize your very own bouquet. The following are some important things you need to consider when designing your bridal bouquet and some helpful tips for choosing the best marquee hire liverpool for a unique wedding.

Important Aspects To Consider For Your Wedding Bouquet


Flowers, similar to produce, will be of better quality and look much nicer whenever they are in season. You should choose flowers for your bridal bouquet that are colorful, fresh blooms that are in season and in their prime. In addition, a seasonal arrangement gives you the opportunity to discover flowers that you weren’t familiar with before. There will be more opportunities to explore and create a wedding bouquet that is very unique.

After you have decided on your wedding date and selected your flower provider, make sure you discuss seasonal varieties with your florist. Find out what flower farm they will be sourcing from and see if they can get more information for you from the farmer. Check out seasonal floral charts to help you do more research on which flowers are the best to use and are in season for your wedding date.


On your initial consultation with your florist, take samples with you of ideas and examples of bouquets that inspire and interest you. A visual collage or board can help give your florist a better understanding of what your wedding’s look and feel is going to be like. For instance, if your wedding is going to have a fiesta theme, then a bouquet can be designed by your florist that is fun and lively, and uses brightly-colored peonies and succulents. An Art Deco wedding will call simple floral arrangements. You will want to have more structured flowers in a simple arrangement, such as ranunculus and calla lilies.

Your Favorite Flowers

Make sure your florist knows what your favorite flowers are so that at least some of them can be incorporated into your bridal bouquet. Remember that your wedding should represent your personality, in addition to your finance’s personality; so make sure that you are well represented. Of course you will need to keep seasonality in mind and be aware of what types of flowers are available for your wedding date. For example, if lilacs are one of your favorite flowers, they are ideal for springtime weddings. Also keep your location in mind. Most varieties of flowers can be grown just about anywhere, however, some might be harder to find in certain areas. If you plan on making your own bouquets, it can be very convenient to do your shopping online. An online florist will allow you to see what is available, and can also help you find the closest retailer to help you create your arrangements.

Color Scheme

Your bouquet’s color scheme is critical. If your bridal bouquet clashes with any of the other colors in your wedding, it can detract from your overall aesthetic. In addition, your bouquet shouldn’t be bursting with an excessive amount of bright colors, since it will stand out in your photos too much. You need to have a good overall balance of colorful and neutral. Also, it isn’t only the actual flowers that you need to be concerned about – remember that the filler you use can clash with your decor or apparel colors as well. Use paint strips or chips to help you come up with your color scheme. Your colors can then be shown to your florist who can find complimentary hues to arrange your bouquet with. The Perfect Palette is a great color-matching resources. The website shows real-life wedding examples, in addition to curating color boards to draw inspiration in from various sources. Around five colors are attributed to each look which can be very helpful when you are making your color scheme choices.

Once you have taken the most important considerations above into account, you will be ready to start the process of putting together all of the details to design your perfect bridal bouquet. The following are some useful tips to help you with this process.

10 Tips For Designing The Perfect Bridal Bouquet For You

1. Try to select your wedding dress before choosing your bridal bouquet and wedding flowers.

When it comes time to meet with your florist to have your consultation, don’t forget to bring photos of your wedding dress with you. Your bridal bouquet’s design will completely depend on the detail, shape and style of your wedding dress. Important keys to wedding bouquet design include making sure the line of your dress is not unbalanced, it doesn’t hide the silhouette of your dress or drown you.

2. Carefully consider the size and shape of your bouquet

Do not choose a trailing bouquet if your wedding gown’s feature detail is on the skirt. However, if the back of your dress has a bustle or long train you may want to have a more dramatic bridal bouquet to help balance the look. You don’t want to hide your waist, since it tends to be the narrowest part of you, so make sure that your bouquet is not wider than your waist is.

Although bouquet fashions are constantly changing, the most important thing is for your bouquet to work well with your dress without hiding any of its beautiful details or drowning you.

3. Determine what flowers will be in season for your wedding date

Remember that some flowers simply are not available during certain times or may be very expensive. Therefore, be sure to consider this when choosing the flowers that you want to incorporated into your bridal bouquet.

4. Consider the precise color of your wedding dress

Color is always key, especially when it comes to creams, ivories and whites. There is an abundance of different shades available, so your florist should be able to recommend the best type of blooms that will work well with your wedding gown’s exact color and that will compliment the dresses that your bridesmaids are wearing as well. Taking in swatches to your florist can be very helpful.

If your dress is being altered or made for you, ask the dressmaker for any spare material. That way your florist can use it to wrap around your bouquet’s stems, to give you the perfect match.

5. Make your bridal bouquet personal

Try incorporating flowers into your bouquet that have personal meaning to you. If you happen to have a family heirloom like a lace handkerchief or antique brooch, ask your florist if it can be added to the top of your bouquet’s stems.

Brooches look especially amazing and are a nice way of finishing the handle off. There are some wonderful cultural traditions as well that you can incorporate, like the Chinese culture’s tassel traditions.

6. How to properly hold your bouquet

Before your wedding you will likely be nervous and tend to hold your bouquet with both hands and carried very high which lifts your shoulders up. However, that doesn’t tend to make a very good picture, especially if you have a strapless dress on.

Try to remember (or have your bridesmaid remind you) to hold your bouquet below your hip in one hand, and away from your dress slightly, so that the silhouette of your wedding dress can be seen. That will open and relax your shoulders, which will improve your posture and create a great pose for your wedding photographer to use!

7. Select a comfortable bouquet (remember you will be holding it all day long)

Keep in mind that you need to have a really comfortable wedding bouquet to hold. So make sure that you don’t choose anything that will be awkward for you to carry that will make you stand lop sided or hunch your shoulders.

8. Make your bridal bouquet picture perfect

Having photos of your bouquet is very important, so be sure to ask your wedding photographer to take some close ups of your bouquet. Wedding bouquets photograph especially well propped up in an attractive chair or in a bath. Having your bouquet next to your weddings cake can also make a beautiful photo.

9. Keep your wedding bouquet looking fresh all night

If your bouquet is hand tied, you can probably refresh it by cutting off part of the stems and placing it in water. You might want to get a friend or your mother to do this for you.

10. Enjoy your beautiful wedding bouquet and just remember it isn’t necessary for you to toss it. Why not save it instead!